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New Car Financing

Locally Manufactured New Vehicles

Up To 1000CC Minimum 15% Down Payment is Required

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New Car Financing

Locally Manufactured New Vehicles

Above 1000CC Minimum 30 % Down Payment Required with Maximum Loan Facility of PKR Rs.3 Million.

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Used Car Financing

Locally Manufactured Used Vehicles

Used cars are allowed only 2017 onward models

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about us

About Us.

Purchasing a house and a vehicle is continually being an achievement in the existence of a working class salaried and businessperson. With new innovations and everyday changes in the vehicle business, the rising inflation when contrasted with the pay level of people, it is truly challenging for an individual to get his dream vehicle. This dilemma gives an idea to banks to introduce Car Loan products for individuals so that they can buy their dream car through bank financing and pay it through installment. Buying a car in installments lets you intact your savings in hand for your future needs without disturbing your budget. For a businessman, it opens new opportunities to use the cash for their working capital and reinvest in business rather than to pay a huge sum of cash for buying a new car for business and personal use. A car loan is a secured loan that enables you to buy a car without mortgage property because it is secured by the vehicle you get financed so there is no need for additional security. Financing a car through an easy finance car lets you make a good credit history by making timely payments of your car loan and lets you obtain bigger and multiple loans depending on your debt burden and income.

Finally, car loan is bound with insurance benefits which enables you to get your vehicle repaired and replaced in case of any mishap.

Easy finance car service the below-mentioned sectors of life for car financing

  • Salaried Person
  • Self-Employed
  • Rental Income
  • Foreign Remittances
  • Pension